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We provide Massage Therapy in the Augusta Maine area

Thank you for coming to our website. We have been happily relieving pain in the Augusta area of Maine for over 13 years. We look forward to assisting you in your journey out of pain. At Kennebec Valley Neuromuscular Massage we use a unique approach for every client in treating soft tissue complaints.



Our Neuromuscular Massage Therapy focuses on identifying muscles hindered from their specific actions and the trigger points that disable them. Trigger Points cause local and/or referred pain, and this therapy can release this muscular tension causing pressure on sensitive nerves. During a Neuromuscular Massage Therapy session the pressure is specific and applied throughout the muscle belly and tendons. The work we do will restore muscle length, health and balance.


Pain Relief

We have been successful in relieving pain caused by whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, TMJ dysfunction, thoracic outlet syndrome, chronic headaches, low back stiffness, carpal tunnel, and muscle spasms just to name a few.


Deep Tissue Massage

We are also very unique in our Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage. Not your typical Swedish Massage, but a heavenly blend of gentle pulling, deep muscle work, flowing strokes and knowledge of human anatomy makes our “Relaxation and De­stressing Massages” one of a kind and often requested.

No two people get the same massage here at KVNM. You are unique in your needs and we know this. Each session is tailored to what it will take to bring a welcomed change to your body.

The goals of all our Massage Therapy include:

  1. Reduce pain
  2. Release muscle tightness
  3. Repair injured tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments
  4. Release adhesions
  5. Restore oxygen and nutritional flow to tissues
  6. Release nerve compression
  7. Greater flexibility and range of motion
  8. Increase circulation


We accept Workers Comp and Personal Injury Cases (auto & slip and fall).

Please call 207­-441-­6123 or 207-­400-­6204 with any questions.

Business hours Monday-Friday  9am- 7pm


Could you let Anita know the therapy she did on my arm today was the best ever! My arm was in bad shape the last two days and can’t get over the difference! This is just a quick note to let the both of you know how grateful that I am with everything that Anita  has helped me with.   Jim J

I got excellent therapy and I am very happy and completely satisfied with the services I received. I have expressed the joy I’ve found in my new mobility and referred my friends and family whom suffer with similar body muscle pain. Thank you so much!!!

Kelly is very professional and gets into those hard to find muscle knots. When I leave her office I feel like I’ve had physical therapy and a great massage. Highly reccommend! – Tim D

I’m so thankful for having found Anita Marie Smith at KVNM – She is fantastic! – Nancy B

Kelly Gauthier, LMT is a remarkably thoughtful, engaging, respectful, and highly skilled therapist. She listens carefully to what you say, assesses your therapeutic needs, and works with you to resolve your physical issues. When I walked out the door after my very first session, I knew that she would help me recover from a long term injury. She is The Best! – Neill M.

After a session with Anita today, my son is excited about learning about his body and how the massage is going to help him. Anita was patient and kind, explaining everything she did and why she was doing it, even sharing some techniques with me to help him at home. We are thrilled! – Staci S.

Thank you so much to Anita, my first appointment was comforting and professional and I can’t wait to come back:) - Katie T.

Over the past five years I have been treated successfully at KVNM for various issues including work related injuries, sore/tight muscles from stress, carpal tunnel symptoms and a painful jaw due to bruxism. Kelly has an expert level of knowledge, healing hands and genuine compassion for all people. If you are look for relief from pain, look no further! I highly recommend KVNM. – Heather C.

I have experienced horrible neck, shoulder and rib pain for years until….3 months ago I had my first visit with Anita. During my first visit her explanation of the muscles she was working on impressed me and guided me through the process of helping to relieve the stresses which contributed to these aggravations. Tonight was my 3 month visit and I was thrilled to tell her that I have been pain free for 3 solid weeks now, despite my taking a bad fall this last Sunday down my icy front steps. She showed me in previous visits exercises to help strengthen these areas and this has also helped eliminate the pain as well the tension in my troubled areas. I left feeling hopeful that with my monthly massage and Anita’s expertise things will only improve. Best phone call I ever made. Anita…many thanks and see you next month! - Norma M

During both my “previous life” as an athlete and my current life as a guy who works hunched over a computer keyboard for 10 hours a day, I’ve been a consistent patient of a half-dozen massage therapists around New England. Without hesitation I will say that Kelly Gauthier is the most talented, driven, involved, intuitive and goal-oriented massage therapist I’ve had the good luck to be treated by. Even though I have to travel 45 minutes for a session, it’s not even a consideration for me to go anywhere else. It’s not just “a massage”, it’s a treatment. – Rob L.


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